Marisa Pavan by Margaux Soumoy - 2016



United States


What Price Glory (John Ford)
Nicole Bouchard
Song: My Love, My Life



I Chose Love (Mario Zampi)

United States


Down Three Dark Streets (Arnold Laven)
Julie Angelino

Drum Beat (Delmer Daves)


The Rose Tattoo (Daniel Mann)
Rosa Delle Rose
Song: Come le rose


Diane (David Miller)
Catherine de Medici

The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit (Nunnally Johnson)
Maria Montagne


The Midnight Story (Joseph Pevney)
Anna Malatesta


John Paul Jones (John Farrow)
Aimee de Tellison

Solomon and Sheba (King Vidor)



Le puits aux trois vérités (François Villiers)
A guest


A Slightly Pregnant Man (Jacques Demy)
Maria Mazetti


Antoine and Sebastian (Jean-Marie Périer)

United States


Chris & Don. A Love Story (Tina Mascara, Guido Santi)

Drama, Tours and Musicals


United States
July 31st 1961

Anatol, play by Arthur Schnitzler

Mise-en-scène & lyrics : Tom Jones

With Jean-Pierre Aumont and Jacques Aubuchon

Performance at the “Boston Center of the Arts”

Boston, Massachussetts

March 17th 1962

Rien pour Rien, play by Charles Maitre

Detective comedy in 4 acts

Mise-en-scène & settings : Raymond Gérôme

With Jean Gaven, Raymond Gérôme and Jean Martinelli

Marisa’s role : Stella

Performance at the “Théâtre de l’Athénée-Louis-Jouvet”


United States

Gigi, play by Colette (Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette)

Stage adaptation on Broadway : Anita Loos

With Jean-Pierre Aumont

Performance at the “Elitch Theatre”

Denver, Colorado

End of the 1960’s

Numerous tours and musicals with Marisa’s favorite partner Jean-Pierre Aumont

“Persian Room” – Plaza Hotel, New York (New Jersey)

“Camellia House” – Drake Hotel, Chicago (Illinois)

Tours in Chicago (Illinois), Detroit (Michigan), Miami (Florida), New York (New Jersey)

Tour in Montreal (Quebec, Canada)

Tours in Mexico City (Mexico)

June and July 1969

Carnival !, play based on the musical Lili (Charles Walters, 1953)

Stage adaptation on Broadway : David Merrick

Book : Michael Stewart

Music & lyrics : Bob Merrill

With Jean-Pierre Aumont

Performance at the “Melody Top Theater”

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Gog et Magog, play by Roger McDougall and Ted Allan



Nous Irons à Valparaiso, popular sailor song composed in 1811

Text: Marcel Achard

Mise-en-scène: Jacques-Henri Duval

With Jean-Pierre Aumont, Geneviève Grad, François Perrot, Richard Saint-Bris, Alain Hitier, Michel Beval, Jean Coste, France-Noëlle, Eddy Rasimi, André Dumas and Jean Sandrey

Settings: Claude Catulle

Marisa’s role: Thérèse Cabanis

Théâtre des Célestins (Lyon, France)

Tours with Marisa’s favorite partner Jean-Pierre Aumont in various countries thanks to the Galas Karsenty-Herbert


Trio, play by Kado Kostzer co-produced and adapted by Marisa
Performance at the “Kansas City Repertory Theatre”
Kansas City, Missouri

Personal project


United States

Darlinghissima – based on Janet Flanner and Natalia Danesi Murray’s letters

With William Murray’s collaboration

Cultural radio program

Los Angeles, California




Je Ne Pourrais Jamais Quitter Paris

Orchestra & Direction: Franck Pourcel

4 songs:

– Je ne pourrais jamais quitter Paris (Pierre Saka & André Lodge)

– Je t’aime (Michèle Vendôme & Pierre Roche)

– Pleure “Cry me a river” (Pierre Delanoë & Arthur Hamilton)

– Croyez-moi (Eddy Marnay & Norman Maine)

Les industries musicales et électriques Pathé-Marconi « La Voix de son Maître » – Paris


On Avait Le Temps / Le Jour Attend Que Vienne L’Heure

Orchestra & Direction: Hervé Roy

2 songs:

– On Avait Le Temps (Jean-Pierre Lang)

– Le Jour Attend Que Vienne L’Heure “The Green Grass Starts to Grow” (Hal Davis – Burt Bacharach)

French version of Burt Bacharach’s successful hit

Adaptation: Pierre Delanoë

AZ Company

TV Appearances


Series, Episodes & TV Movies
United States

Fireside Theatre “The Wife Who Lived Twice” (Frank Wisbar)
With Guillermo Baretto, Alma Beltran and John Hudson


Westinghouse Studio One “Dominique” (Franklin Schaffner)
With Ralph Meeker, John McGiver and Phyllis Hill
Role : Dominique Francesca Della Fiore Windom
Front Row Center “Meeting at Mayerling” (Fletcher Markle)
With Claude Dauphin, Isobel Elsom and Fred Essler
Role : Baroness Maria Vetsera


Alfred Hitchcock Presents “You Got to Have Luck” (Robert Stevens)
With John Cassavetes, Lamont Johnson and Vivi Janiss
Role : Mary Schaffner
The Kaiser Aluminum Hour “Antigone” (Franklin Schaffner)
With Claude Rains and Mildred Natwick
Role : Antigone
ITV Television Playhouse “Chance Meeting” (Leonard Brett)
With Jean-Pierre Aumont, Donald Pleasence and Valerie Gaunt
Role : Suzette


Climax! “Keep Me in Mind” (Paul Nickell)
With Johnny Desmond, James Dunn, Gil Stratton and Jackie Coogan
Role : Ginny Cabot


Playhouse 90 “Target for Three” (Robert Stevens)
With Ricardo Montalbán, George C. Scott, Pedro Armendáriz and Liliane Montevecchi
Role : Consuelo
Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse “Come Back to Sorrento” (James Sheldon)
With Robert Loggia, Frank London, Paul Picerni and Virginia Vincent
Role : Maria


The United States Steel Hour “Girl in the Gold Bathtub” (Allen Reisner)
With Edward Andrews, Johnny Carson and Jessie Royce Landis
Shangri-La – TV movie (George Schaefer)
With Richard Basehart, Claude Rains, John Abbott, Gene Nelson, Helen Gallagher, Alice Ghostley and James Valentine
Role : Lo-Tsen


Naked City “Requiem for a Sunday Afternoon” (Paul Nickell)
With Burt Reynolds, Jay Novello and Augusta Merighi
Role : Josephine Scarzi


Naked City “No Naked Ladies in front of Giovanni’s House!” (Ralph Senensky)
With Harry Guardino and Augusta Merighi
Role : Francesca
Breaking Point “Bird and Snake” (William A. Graham)
With Robert Redford, Eduard Franz, Paul Richards and Jack Weston
Role : Norma Rossiter
77 Sunset Strip episodes “5: Part 4” and “5: The Conclusion” (William Conrad)
With Efrem Zimbalist Jr, Tony Bennett, Richard Conte and Charles H. Radilak
Role : Anna
Combat! “Ambush” (Sutton Roley)
With Rick Jason, Vic Morrow and Guy de Vestel
Role : Marie Marchand


Bob Hope presents the Chrysler Theatre “A Wind of Hurricane Force” (Ron Winston)
With Dana Andrews, Tony Musante and Joe de Santis
Role : Alva


The F.B.I “The Exiles” (William A. Graham)
With Efrem Zimbalist Jr, Philip Abbott and Stephen Brooks
Role : Maria Blanca


Court Martial – TV series
With Bradford Dillman, Peter Graves and Kenneth J. Warren


The Diary of Anne Frank – live stage play (Alex Segal)
With Max von Sydow, Donald Pleasence, Lilli Palmer, Diana Davila and Peter Beiger
Role : Margot Frank


Cutter’s Trail – TV movie (Vincent McEveety)
With John Gavin and Manuel Padilla Jr
Role : Angelita Avila


Arthur Hailey’s the Moneychangers – TV miniseries
With Kirk Douglas (4 episodes)
Role : Celia Vandervoort


Wonder Woman – TV miniseries, “Formula 407” (Herb Wallerstein)
With Lynda Carter, Richard Eastham and Lyle Wagooner
Role : Maria
McMillan & Wife “Coffee, Tea or Cyanide” (James Sheldon)
With Rock Hudson, John Shuck, Richard Gilliland and Martha Raye
Role : Hattie Carrara
Switch “Net Loss” (Reza Badiyi)
With Robert Wagner, Eddie Albert, Charlie Callas and Sharon Gless
Role : Sally Blair
The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald – TV movie (Gordon Davidson & David Greene)
Role : Evita Alesio
Hawaii Five-O “Eastwind I’ll Wind” (Reza Badiyi)
With Jack Lord, James MacArthur, Kam Fong and Herman Wedemeyer
Role : Mrs. Sandanarik


The Rockford Files “With the French Heel Back, Can the Nehru Jacket Be Far Behind?” (Ivan Dixon)
With James Garner, Noah Beery Jr and Joe Santos
Role : Sophia


La Vie des Autres “La Crétoise” (Jean-Pierre Desagnat)
With Roland Amstutz, Yves Barsacq and Jean-Pierre Bernard
Role : Iota

United States

Ryan’s Hope “1.2636”
With Gloria deHaven, Nancy Addison and Yasmine Bleeth
Role : Chantal Dubujak


Cinéma 16 “Johnny Monroe” (Renaud Saint-Pierre)
With Jean-Pierre Aumont, Philippe Caroit and Jean-Luc Orofino
Role : Ben’s mother


Renseignements Généraux “Le Démon de Midi” (Alain-Michel Blanc)
With Jean-Pierre Aumont and Victor Lanoux
Role : Lady Malford


Haute Tension “Adieu Marin” (Alain Schwartzstein)
With Jean-Philippe Écoffey, Jessica Forde and Pierre Vaneck
Role : Sylvie’s mother


Various TV shows in the United States
Double participation to the “What’s My Line?” popular TV show

September 2nd 1956 – Mystery Guest
Host : John Daly
Panel : Bennett Cerf, Arlene Francis, Dorothy Kilgallen and Walter Pidgeon
July 24th 1966 – Mystery Guest with Jean-Pierre Aumont
Host : John Daly
Panel : Joey Bishop, Bennett Cerf, Arlene Francis and Helen Gurley Brown

Participation to the “I’ve Got a Secret” TV show following the success of “What’s My Line?”

The Frank Sinatra Show “The Man on the Stairs”
With Frank Sinatra, Michael Rennie, Irene Tedrow and Oliver McGowan


Person to Person – Journalistic TV interviews, episode 10, season 7 (Bob Daily)
With Jean-Pierre Aumont, Charles Collingwood and Claude Terrail
Role : Herself

Double participation to “The Merv Griffin Show” TV series

July 12th 1966 – season 3, episode 220
With Jean-Pierre Aumont
July 27th 1977 – season 14, episode 209
With Jean-Pierre Aumont


Participation to “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson”
Participation to “The Hollywood Palace”
With Jean-Pierre Aumont

Musical show with Jean-Pierre Aumont on MBC (Middle East Broadcasting Center)

“An Evening with Jean-Pierre Aumont and Marisa Pavan”

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