Wonderful people

Creating this website in November 2015 has given me the chance to meet wonderful people and share my passion for Marisa’s life and career, and the story of the Pierangeli family with several people I wish to thank here.

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A big and warm thank-you to…

Marisa Pavan Aumont for her kindness and trust, for welcoming me several days in July 2016 and June 2018 in her villa in Gassin and for all the interviews, anecdotes, photos, films, fan letters and other personal documents shared with me, as well as for the friendly moments together.

Patrizia Pierangeli (Marisa’s younger sister) for her friendly collaboration and support, her interviews and for the lunch shared together in Paris in August 2016.

Laurent Amalric (journalist at Var-Matin) for his newspaper article about the website and my stay in Gassin with Marisa, published on July 28th 2016 in Var-Matin (Sainte-Maxime/Saint-Tropez edition).

Philippe Spurrell (founder and actual director of the Montreal Film Society) for his help with the English translations on the website.

Paolo Faillace (founder and actual administrator of the website about Anna Maria Pierangeli “Pier Angeli”) for his generosity and his valued help and for supporting my research on Marisa and the Pierangeli family way before the website was created.

Jane Allen (writer and author of Pier Angeli: A Fragile Life, published in 2001) for her interviews, her support and her numerous personal photos of Marisa offered for the website.

Ralph Schiller (writer and author of The Complete Films of Broderick Crawford, published in 2016) for his professional and instructive comments on Marisa’s career (that you can see in the film reviews on the website) and his support.

Élia Novella Dalmau (founder and actual administrator of a Facebook page and a Tumblr blog about Maria Christina “Tina” Aumont, Marisa’s stepdaughter) for her numerous photos of Marisa and her family offered for the website.

Kat Lively for inviting me to be a guest on her Calling Old Hollywood podcast that you can listen to here.